Josh Harrison

Josh Harrison

For 14 yrs I served as an infantry soldier. and retired as a Staff Sergeant. As an Infantry soldier, my job changed with the mission and where I was needed. My duties included training and leading a squad sized group into battle.

Entering the military at the age of 18, I needed direction and somewhere to focus my energy. My first 4 years served to shape me into an adult that has aspirations and intensity that betrays my service more than my hair cut. When I came back and joined the Guard, I earned college tuition help, and was able to complete my desire to serve my community and a higher purpose. The deployment in 2008 was a tough one that lead to physical injuries and early retirement. But I have also had experiences that have changed how I perceive the world and the people in it.

Gena has been a wonderful instructor that has been patient with my schedule, physical limitations, and analytical way of learning. I feel very close to the staff and couldn't imagine not dancing or having these relationships. This activity is a great outlet for me to challenge myself and continue to grow and give back.
I'm thrilled to be helping Honor Flight. They are a wonderful group that has given veteran's a chance to celebrate their contribution to our countries success and the things that shaped their lives.

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